AUCTION LEASING – The innovation on the Swiss art market

Absolutely unique form of art financing


Art Leasing & Invest AG has been offering Artleasing for many years in cooperation with renowned galleries in Switzerland and abroad. From now on we will offer this successful concept at Koller auctions under the name of Auctionleasing.


The Art of Art Financing on Attractive Terms and Conditions


The Auction Leasing terms give you maximum flexibility for your art acquisitions.


  • You can choose a flexible leasing contract for 3 or 4 years
  • Your leasing rates include both an All Risk Art Insurance cover with Nationale Suisse and Swiss VAT.
  • Auction Leasing enables leasing contractors resident in Switzerland to successively acquire works of art that will remain in Switzerland for the duration of the leasing contract
  • As a rule, the lower estimated value (LEV) of the art work will be financed via the leasing. The difference between the LEV and the actual sales price will constitute the initial leasing rate. The deposit corresponding to the residual value will amount to 10% of the lower estimated value.