efficient, professional and specialized support 

The handling of an art collection is an activity that should not be underestimated in its complexity. In many cases art has been acquired over time that does not fit anymore with the Corporate Identity of today’s company.


It is relevant to define a new starting position related to the art topic. What pieces should be kept, what pieces should be sold. In addition new art acquisitions should be considered in order to align the art with the current corporate identity and the image of the company.



We currently support our clients with the following services:


  1. Create an inventory of the pieces of art (what pieces of art are where, what are the values, what is the condition, which documents exist to the pieces of art and have to be linked to these, ...)
  2. Use of our Art-Inventory-Tool to gather the information. Modify this tool to match the clients needs and manage it with all values and documents.
  3. Group the current art collection (A. Keep, B. Consider restoration, C. Sell, D. …) and support related to the decision process and a potential selling.
  4. Is the art well „used“? (Marketing, Events, labeling of the art, Documentation of the art such as e.g. Books in the meeting rooms, ...)
  5. Relocation and placing of the existing art pieces to best fit in the representative areas
  6. Support the process of new art acquisition (Concept, internal decision process, directives, ...)
  7. Storage of the art (Internal storage or external storage in Warehouses, ...). Professional packaging in order not to damage the art
  8. Production of yearly value reports of the art collection for management, for accounting, for the insurance, ...
  9. Manage the art as an external „Art Facility Manager“