art as a profitable investment or 'be smart. lease art'

Art Leasing & Invest AG has become a prominent player in the field of art leasing. Uniquely in Switzerland, we offer a financing scheme for fine art on the basis of professional leasing, in collaboration with an extensive network of established galleries in Switzerland and abroad. In keeping with our mission statement, ‘Be smArt. Lease Art’ this can free your capital to invest elsewhere. A part of our clients lease their pieces of art until the end, certain others take advantage of the resignation option to give back their piece of art in order to select something new.


Some institutions do under certain conditions benefit from tax reliefs.


Our art financing covers:


  • Professional fine art leasing, that includes a resignation option
  • Consultancy related to the use of the resignation option in order to renew the art
  • Consultancy in the context of taxes benefits linked to the leasing


Leasing calculator


From just over CHF 200 a month you can enjoy valuable work of fine art. Current rate: 4.6% (November 2013)


The table below shows monthly rates in relation to the value of a piece of fine art. Rates include art insurance cover and VAT. The first leasing rate amounts between 10 - 15% and the residual value (deposit) to 10% (ten per-cent) of the total cost of the work of art.